York Students, We hear you!

As part of the consultations for the upcoming York University Internationalization and Global Engagement Strategy, the York International Office held a series of consultations with York’s domestic and international students. Students shared their input, ideas, and recommendations through different modes.

At Vari Hall, students met York International staff and student volunteers and heard more about the university’s consultation process and shared their perspectives and ideas on how the university should further engage with its local and global community. Students responded to some open-ended questions that focused on the following themes: meaning and value of international education; York and the world; internationalization of curricula; internationalization at home; international students, and student mobility.

International students also attended a consultation workshop where they reflected on their York experience from their application process to their post-graduation. Students shared their positive and not-so positive experiences highlighting the strengths of York’s academic, social and cultural programs and services and proposing new ones to help address some gaps and support international students’ transition and success at York and in Canada.

Another consultation workshop focused on student mobility at York discussing the personal, academic and professional benefits of international mobility programs; barriers to participating in learning abroad programs, and support systems and services needed to further encourage students to enroll in these international opportunities.

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Meet us on Tuesday Oct. 29 from 10:00 – 2:00 at Vari Hall for another consultation.