Thinking together: Help guide York’s upcoming Internationalization and Global Engagement Strategy

Faculty and staff are invited to join us on Feb 14, 2020; 12:00-2:00 at Kaneff Tower 956 Meeting Room. Register here.

Since the release of an issue paper that outlines York’s plans to develop an integrated strategy and framework for internationalization and global engagement, On behalf of the President's Council on Internationalization and Global Engagement, York International has been conversing with York’s community listening to their input on the issue paper, reflections on our current position with regard to internationalization and global engagement initiatives, and suggestions on ways to expand opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to contribute to York’s local and global impact. In addition to an online survey, we held a total of seven consultation workshops with our students and 11 consultation sessions with our faculty and staff so far, with more sessions scheduled during the months of February and March (for more details, check our consultation online calendar).

A glimpse of what we heard so far?

During the consultations, faculty and staff emphasized that York’s internationalization and global engagement strategy should be shaped by principles of inclusiveness, cultural sensitivity, diversity, collaboration and mutuality. York should maintain its commitment to social justice and access. York’s role in making a positive global impact on health, economic, social, environmental and human development outcomes was emphasized. While engaging with the world, York needs to ensure that internationalization and globally engagement is a two-way learning opportunity where our domestic community learns from the international one and vice-versa. This includes giving students and faculty from York and other parts of the world the opportunity to learn and teach alongside each other as well as training our students to be culturally savvy, open minded, and appreciative of international perspectives, knowledges, and languages. Providing quality education and services and a sense of community for all students, including international students, has been emphasized.

Let’s keep those rich discussions going. If you haven’t had a chance to participate in any of the consultations yet and/or have more to say, join us on February 14, 2020; 12:00-2:00 at Kaneff Tower 956 Meeting Room for another Open Consultation workshop for faculty and staff (Please register here). Can’t attend? Please complete the survey.