Consultation Process & Timelines

President Lenton identified ethical, inclusive internationalization and global engagement among her top priorities and convened the council in May 2019. The Council, consisting of all 11 Faculties, students and staff from both campuses, has developed an issue paper and a series of questions to guide the next phase in the development of an integrated institutional international strategic plan (the Plan).

Over the next two months, the Council will engage in a series of community consultations to develop the Plan. The Plan is intended to lay out York University's vision for building on our current global engagement and initiatives, set goals for further internationalization, and ensure York's place as a locally and globally engaged university. It is meant to be comprehensive, inclusive of academic initiatives including international and intercultural learning experiences (at home and abroad), sustainable research, education, capacity building collaborations and partnerships, enhancing the experience of international students, global reach and profile, and related activities and innovation magnifying our impact many times over. The Plan will also identify areas of priority to support the advancement of the strategy, set out guiding values and principles to assist in decision-making related to our international activities, and outline focused actions and resources.

The Consultation Process

The Community consultations will serve as a forum to engage the broader university community for their input, ideas, and recommendations for developing York University's strategic plan on internationalization and global engagement. A series of engagement activities, including consultations, workshops, and surveys are planned to ensure broad input from multiple stakeholders in our community.

Issue Paper Launch Event - September 23, 2019 from 3-5 pm 

  • Launch of the issue paper, to share with the community on the importance of internationalization and global engagement and provide an opportunity for the community to shape the continued development at York over the next five years and learn more about the rollout of the consultation process and upcoming workshops.

Consultation Workshops (TBC)

  • 3 workshops scheduled at various locations across campus seeking to include representation from all stakeholder groups on campus. Format will be a series of questions and small group discussions.

Consultation with the Faculties: Dean's Offices to convene a table of internal stakeholders or Faculty Council (by invitation) - TBC

Student Groups & Representatives - TBC

  • Working with the student members of the council, an undergraduate, graduate consultation workshop (invite members of clubs, participants in study abroad, international students)
  • Meeting with YFS & YUGSA in partnership with Vice Provost Students - SRR co-chaired by student rep

Administrative Groups (TBC)

  • Deans' Forum
  • Senior Team Vice Provost Students Presentation & Consultation
  • Research Advisory Board (AD, Research)
  • Senior Team Vice President Research
  • Senior Team Vice President Advancement

Community Chats (TBC)

Opportunity for those engaged in internationalization to engage with YI and members of the council on an informal basis to provide their input, share ideas and best practices. To be scheduled at various locations on campus for bi-weekly.

Online Engagement - TBC

  • Website and Y-File to provide regular updates on planning and consultation activities
  • Online survey and feedback form.
  • Y-File notice of launch of consultations, issue paper and link to online feedback.

Draft plan for review by PCI, Senior Leadership & Other relevant units: TBC

Final Draft for review by PCI, Senior Leadership & Other relevant units: TBC

Presentation to Board of Governors, Senate, and other select Forums: TBC