Help Shape the University's Strategy for Internationalization and Global Engagement

The President’s Council on Internationalization and Global Engagement (the Council) is embarking on the next phase in the development of an integrated institutional international strategic plan (the Plan). Over the next five months, the Council will engage in a series of community consultations to develop the Plan.

President Lenton identified ethical, inclusive internationalization and global engagement among her top priorities and convened the Council in May 2019. The Council is comprised of members from all eleven Faculties and the related central administrative units (Research, Students, Advancement, YUELI, York International). The Plan is intended to lay out York University’s vision for building on our current global engagement and initiatives, set goals for further internationalization, and ensure York’s place as a locally and globally engaged university. It is meant to be comprehensive, inclusive of academic initiatives including international and intercultural learning experiences (at home and abroad), sustainable research, education, capacity building collaborations and partnerships, enhancing the experience of international students, global reach and profile, and related activities and innovation magnifying our impact many times over. The Plan will also identify areas of priority to support the advancement of the strategy.

This issue paper is the result of the committee’s deliberations and is developed to seek input from the York Community. By engaging in this process, and reflecting on our values and existing activities, the York University Community has an opportunity to build on its strengths, create a distinct vision, and expand opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to contribute towards York’s local and global impact.

We want to hear your thoughts!